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Whiteman Collision Repair Center

 Thank You for stopping by our page. Below I have mapped out the steps of the repair process. By following your repairs online you will be notified as your repair reaches each of these steps. Please see a short description below on what each of these steps mean for you and your vehicle.

 There's some great resources here, So please take the time to view each tab. Im sure you have a lot of questions about the repair process, your rights as vehicle owner, parts and warranty. Most of these questions can be answered right here on this page.

 I believe a great repair starts with great communication, I encourage you to call or stop by the shop at anytime before, during, or after your repair if you have any questions along the way. I can be reached through this page, by calling 518-615-0136, or by email at bodyshop@whitemanchevrolet.com.

 Whiteman Collision Center repairs all makes and models and is I CAR Platinum Certified. The highest certification to be received by I CAR.

My name is Ken Lytle, Collision Repair Manager at Whiteman Chevrolet, and I look forward to working for you.

Thank You.

Repair Steps

Step 1: In the Estimate Process area the vehicle is inspected and relevant data is entered into estimate computer systems. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs. However, often there is hidden damage that can not be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.

Step 2: Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company will review the estimate. There may be some negotiations on the price and procedures required to repair the vehicle. The insurance company will determine if the vehicle is even repairable. Once this process is completed, the vehicle begins the actual repair process.

Step 3: In Disassembly hidden damage is often found, and inner structure repairs are determined. Many times this will require scheduling insurance re-inspection and ordering additional parts.

Step 4: The required parts for your vehicle are ordered, and availability is checked. If a part needs to be special ordered, the order will be placed as soon as possible. Although many parts may arrive very quickly, the repair process can not begin until the shop receives all of the structural parts

Step 5: In the Structure Repair area, the unitized body is returned back to the factory specification. A sophisticated measuring system is used to monitor all phases in this area. A computer based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle. This system assures an accurate repair.

Step 6: The Body Repair Department replaces exterior panels, and all metal finishing that may be required. The vehicle begins to come back to life as sheet metal is installed and aligned. From here the vehicle will go to the paint preparations department.

Step 7: Paint Preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. All panels are prepared for paint, then primed and sealed to assure good adhesion when the final top color and clear coats of paint are applied.

Step 8: Final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle in the reassembly area. All the vehicle's systems are checked during this process. The vehicle is almost complete and ready for delivery when it is in this stage.

Step 9: During the repair process the vehicle accumulates dust from the repairs. It will be cleaned. It will also be road tested to ensure that everything is working properly. A final inspection will assure that the vehicle is restored to it's pre-accident condition.

Step 10: Delivery is the last step in the repair process. When the customer arrives to pick up the vehicle, the bill is explained and the final paper work is completed. The customer drives away in the vehicle that has been restored to it's pre accident condition. 

Feeling Pressured?

Your Car, Your Choice ,

Don't be steered into another accident by your insurance company or the other parties’ insurance company. Did you know some insurance companies have ownership in some shops? Makes you wonder who the customer really is. We believe we have a responsibility to the vehicle owner, who is ultimately our customer, not the insurance company. The reason insurance companies use these different word tracks is that the state does not allow insurance companies to direct or "steer" customers to a particular shop (or they are not supposed to), so they have come up with the following word tracks to intimidate the customer into thinking they have to do what the insurance company says or they will not pay the claim. Some companies also have bonus programs for employees that steer claims to the networks, so don't think that they have your best interest in mind (they may be attempting to hit a bonus quota).

 These are often heard phrases from Insurance Companies when you want to bring your vehicle to Whiteman Collision Center or any shop that is not on their "List", and what our response is.

Don't be manipulated by the word tracks.

 1. "They are not one of our network shops and they are not on our list, we can't guarantee the repairs" We are not on everybody's list, which is because we do not want to be. We identify the vehicle owner as our primary customer, not the insurance company. As for guaranteeing our work, they do not need to, as we have our own lifetime guarantee. When have you ever seen an insurance company with a car being repaired in their office? Truth is they will send you back to whomever you selected off their list.

 2. "If you use them, we can't get an adjuster out for several days, if you take it to our network shop we will have someone start on it right away". This is just another ploy to steer you, we have heard insurance companies tell our customers how busy they are and they can't get someone out for 7 or 8 days, we know that is simply not true. Most companies are required to appraise a vehicle within 72 hrs.

 3. "If you use that shop you will have to pay for your rental out of pocket" This is not true, but some insurance companies will try to force you into a rental reimbursement, which means they will either try to get you to pay with a credit card and then reimburse you, or offer to send check for X amount of rental days (which you should promptly refuse to do). Most companies have direct bill agreements with rental companies, but they do not always disclose that.

 4. "They charge more than the prevailing rate and you will have to pay the difference in repair cost " All Additional fees are clearly discussed with you and subject to your approval. And in most cases the customer collects the difference from the insurance company after a few phone calls.

 5. "Claims take longer to settle if you use them" The only thing that takes longer is the insurance companies’ response time. They are very typically slow to respond do not pay us as quickly as they pay their preferred providers.
 These are just a few of the word tracks used to manipulate the customer into using a specific repair facility. Be careful it's your vehicle, your investment; you have the right to make the choice on who repairs your vehicle.

 We would be more than happy to assist you in the claims process. The truth is we work with about every company out there, more importantly we do not lose sight of who the customer is. We realize the investment that you have in your vehicle, and we want to make sure the value of your investment is not diminished through poor quality visible repairs.

 Ask us what insurance companies we recommend, we always prefer companies that have local agents that can meet with you face to face, we are not a fan of most of the internet based insurance policies, BEWARE you get what you pay for and you do not realize the value of a good company until you have a claim.

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